Season’s Greetings!

The Sun is soon to return longer in each day! Time to celebrate!! And so, wanting to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and much cheer and goodwill, I bring to you opportunities to bring the benefits of massage with you into the New Year for yourself and for your loved ones!

I am announcing another location you can buy Gift Certificates! At your convenience, please feel free to stop on down to Mother Earth Natural Foods here in Geneva, at 441 Exchange Street, anytime during operation hours (Monday-Thursday 9:30am-5:30pm, Friday 9:30am-6pm & Saturday 10 am-3pm). You’ll find upon asking that Gift Certificates are available behind the register counter and will be available to purchase by cash or check. I will only be able to charge debit or credit cards here in the office or over the phone.

Mother Earth Natural Foods is a wonderful health food & vitamin store that I have been working with since I’ve been working as an LMT here in Geneva starting in 2006. I have been a customer of theirs since I was a teen. Can’t say enough about how much I love them!

This Holiday Season I am also listing packages available through Dec 31st, 2014. Packages are perfect for those who need some concentrated amounts of TLC and/or are recovering from a particular strain/injury. Receiving the benefits of bodywork sessions scheduled closely together can make a big difference! There is a savings per package and it gradually increases per the quantity of sessions in each. **

3- One Hour Massage Sessions ~ $165
(a savings of $15!)

6- One Hour Massage Sessions ~ $315
(a savings of $45!)

9- One Hour Massage Sessions ~ $540
!! 10th Massage free !! (a savings of $60!)

Have a wonderful season of celebration, and many wishes of a happy and healthy New Year!!

** Please note:
The modality of techniques used in each package can be your choice, but the time frames and quantities stay the same. These packages are to be used by an individual or couple, and cannot be broken up into separate Gift Certificates for multiple people. All packages must be used within a year of purchase date.

New Spring, New Leaf…

There is something that must be said for the feeling that comes with the fresh wind, cool rain and even the smallest green poking through the yet still cold ground every Spring.  New life emerges, a new cycle has started.  Each year we see these signs but do we ever really take them to heart?  Just like a Crocus blooming first each year, we have our own small shoots reaching to emerge from their slumber and bask in the sun.  Are you reaching for that sunlight?

I have been reminded of the need to continuously reach, push forth into the sun and yearn for new growth.  The need to reach is especially prevalent when we’ve become comfortable in our habits.  Sometimes our habits are productive and supportive of the life we want to lead. Other times it seems we’ve become stagnant in our ways.

Spring is a wonderful time to reevaluate our goals and how we’re reaching for them.  Do you need to brush off the cold winter dirt and get moving…?? 😉  Feel comfort that you are not alone and that we all need to refocus periodically.

With an unbiased and compassionate look at our true condition, we can be truly humble and honest with ourselves.  Limits of what we want and where we want to be are only perceived if we allow them to cut off our vision.  As the thinker thinks, the prover proves.  What do you think and what do you really want to prove?  This is a reminder to point out that if we only want to see our excuses for not reaching our goals yet, that is all we will see.  Look for the ways that you can reach those goals.  Envision yourself having already reached them, you’ll be surprised how the solution will flow easily when given the space to be manifested.  The inspiration to get up and get going is catchy and it leaves it a beautiful grin on your face. 🙂

So let’s get going!!

To a new Spring and another opportunity to change gracefully!

I’ve Got That Lotion Notion…

One subject not always brought up in my office is what kind of products I use while giving a massage.  This is a very legitimate question for a few reasons.  It’s important to know what’s being used on our skin!  It’s the biggest sensing organ of the body and first signs of dis-ease or illness are often seen and felt here, especially if you happen to have sensitive skin!  So some key questions to always ask are; what’s in it?  Where did it come from?  Is it petroleum based?  Just how natural is it???  You get the idea…

What this all boils down to is the INGREDIENTS.   My rule of thumb has always been, if I can’t pronounce it, forget it.  I’ve gone a step beyond this rule however, and now:  If I can’t make it, forget it.

I have always loved learning how to make things for myself.  It’s a large part of who I am.  And when it comes to my Massage Practice, there are no exceptions.  So this fall I started making my own lotion and let me tell you,  I AM IN LOVE!!  🙂   I’ve been making my own oil blends since I started working in this field.  I have always used cold pressed Grapeseed oil with essential oil blends.  This summer I turned to Jojoba Oil as it enriches the skin while protecting it.  I wanted to take this a step further and so started looking for lotion recipes.   While making my salves (for dry skin conditions), I used organic beeswax to seal in the shea butter and Jojoba oil’s wonderful moisturizing qualities.  Sure enough beeswax is the most natural emollient you can use, and so my experimenting began.

My lotion is made of; Aloe Vera (inner fillet), Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax and Apricot Kernel Oil.  It is rich in texture and soaks into the skin leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed.  I LOVE using it for massages as it does not soak into the skin immediately, but allows the oils to penetrate the skin slowly and is then sealed in by the beeswax.  I have made a number of essential oil blends to compliment certain skin needs.  Such as Calendula  & Arnica to help heal broken and chapped skin and Carrot Seed & Jasmine to promote elasticity.  I’ll be making more specific blends as I am presented with more of my client’s needs, besides making blends purely for aromatherapy uses.

I have made this available to my clients!!  I will be keeping a small supply at the office for sale, and should you like to preorder I am more than happy to oblige. 🙂  I am very excited to see how the future develops!

If any of you fine folks are interested, I am wanting to find out how many would be interested in taking a class to learn how to make this lotion on your own.  The process is very easy, and all ingredients are easy to obtain.  Please contact me with any questions, if I receive enough of a response, I do hope to hold the first class in the beginning of the new year!  WOOHOO LOTION!!