There are many reasons a client may come into my office; relaxation, stress reduction, treatment of muscle strain or injury are the most common for me to see.

The first thing necessary is for the client to fill out a health history form to establish current physical, structural and any possible underlying emotional issues (typically stress, in turn affecting the physical body).

The course of treatment will differ with each person and with each recurring session.   More often than not, I will find issues or certain areas of held tension you may not have been aware of before and work on them through the session.  Depending on the length of your massage, I will address your areas of need and provide relaxing massage techniques to maintain the effect of reducing stress during and after the session.

I tend to use a combination of techniques (Positional Release Technique, NMT, Muscle Energy Techniques, etc.) to allow muscle bodies to release held tension and restore limited range of motion.  The best way for me to describe this is like looking at a ball of yarn that has been all tangled up.  I untangle the muscle fibers and return the muscle to a natural resting length.  Each person is different, and so I enter into a session with a different approach but with the same goal of restoration in mind for everyone.

Here are some conditions that massage therapy can help:

~ Arthritic pains and aches in joints & effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis

~  Joint pain due to stress, over use or injury

~ Frozen shoulder or hip

~ Nerve referral pain extending from hips, low back or neck & shoulders (numbness, tingling or electric sensations)

~ Tight neck and shoulders due to posture compromise (from prolonged sitting at a desk, computer, driving, etc.)

~ Unidentified muscle aches, pains, strains & spasms

~ Tendinosis &/or Tendinitis (Especially if client has been given Rx for anti-inflammatories!)

~ Plantar Fasciitis

~ High Blood Pressure & Hypertension

~ Diabetes

~ Fibromyalsia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

~ Reduced or restricted Range of Motion (ROM)

~ Rotator Cuff injuries and strains

~ Joint replacement, before or after surgery

~ Sciatica & other pinched or compressed nerves

~ Whiplash & other car accident related injuries (with clearance from Primary Care Giver)

~ Aches & pains of the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy *As well as Postpartum needs

Therapeutic Massage can also help relieve symptoms of depression and insomnia as well as promote digestion and a healthy immune system.   The benefits are truly endless and are being continuously explored in the field of research everyday.   I am always available to discuss your existing condition(s) and explore your options to make sure that massage is right for you.   As always, there are certain guidelines to follow, so please wait to schedule an appointment if you are running a fever or do not feel well due to chills and/or fatigue.   Also please remember to include all health conditions in conversation and documentation, no matter how small or large, as massage can be contraindicated for those with certain cardiovascular and blood vessel diseases.