I am the owner of Finger Lakes Office of Alternative Therapies, here in Geneva, NY. I regularly work Monday through Friday. You can reach me via the phone number or email below, please leave a message if I am unavailable.  Just leave me your name, number and the best time to reach you!

(315) 364-1284

Finger Lakes Office of Alternative Therapies

786 Pre Emption Rd. Geneva, NY


I am able to charge debit and credit cards in the office at the time of the session.   I can also accept payments from Health Savings Accounts and will provide a written receipt with all needed information. If you would like to pay with this method, please let me know.


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~CranioSacral Therapy~

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle modality that focuses on the structures of the cranium, spine, and sacrum as they influence your cerebrospinal fluid and rhythm of function. The goal of each session is to regain balance and unimpeded flow of the CS system, thereby affecting the body on a physical, neurological and emotional level. There are a number of reasons this work can benefit you and your needs, please ask any questions you may have!

60 Minute Session ~ $100.  

~Cupping Massage~

Cupping Massage consists of the use of cups. They are applied to the skin to create a vacuum. The goal within a cupping massage session is to help address tension and pain due to stress, over use, injury, arthritis and scar tissue. This modality allows us to use negative pressure to lift underlying tissues and create a whole new dynamic of release. When used in conjunction with other rehabilitative techniques, the results are profound and deeply felt.

60 Minute Session ~ $100.

90 Minute Session ~ $150.

~Advanced Therapeutic Massage ~

An advanced therapeutic massage session begins on the foundation of Swedish style, and will always include a combination of advanced techniques, including Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Positional Release, and Muscle Energy Technique. These modalities warm up and relax muscle tissue, allows us to target aggravated muscle groups and provides a direct approach to reach a much deeper state of relaxation and resolution to discomfort and limited function. If you are interested in learning more about what a massage session can help relieve, please see my What To Expect page.

60 Minute Session ~ $100.

This session time is perfect to get the “kinks rolled out and relax a bit”.  A perfect blend of focused technique and relaxing modalities.

90 Minute Session ~ $150.

Extended time provides ample opportunity to assess any issues of concern, both subjective and objective. Treatment is best for chronic injuries, allowing for time to explore the client’s thresholds of injury and healing.

Migraine and TMJD Treatment ~ 100.

Using massage and techniques from CST, we address the muscles inside the mouth and the jaw that influence dysfunction of the joint and create discomfort in the sinuses, middle ear and occiput. This is great relief for anyone struggling with grinding teeth and jaw clenching. This also provides relief of muscles that influence the structure of cervical spine, providing relief not regularly accessible by working on only the back and outside of the neck.

Pregnancy Massage ~ $100.

For all expecting Mothers, this  60 minute massage can help manage the aches and pains of pregnancy, especially within the last trimester. We use side lying positions and a number of pillows to keep Mom supported and relaxed throughout the session. I do not work with anyone before the second trimester (before 12 weeks) as a precaution. Packages are also a wonderful gift for expecting Mothers through pregnancy and after birth!

~ Massage Session Packages ~

Packages are available for those who are looking to work closely on a particular issue within a shorter time frame than regular maintenance schedules typically follow.  This provides time to resolve deeper set postural and muscular patterns of pain and discomfort while also providing a discount on pricing.* Please call and ask for more information!

All massage sessions in a package are either 60 or 90 minutes long.

– Package of 3 –

One Hour Massage Sessions ~ $280.  (A savings of $20.)

90 Minute Massage Sessions ~ $420. (A savings of $30.)

– Package of 6 –

One Hour Massage Sessions ~ $555. (A savings of $45.)

90 Minute Massage Sessions ~ $840. (A savings of $60.)

– Package of 9 –

One Hour Massage Sessions ~ $900. *10th Massage is FREE!* (A savings of $100.)

90 Minute Massage Sessions ~ $1,350. *10th Massage is FREE* (A savings of $150.)

*Packages are to be used within a year of purchase date and cannot be split into separate sessions for more than 2 people.