I’m very happy to offer Traditional Glass Cupping Massage as a part of the approach to my advanced therapeutic massage sessions and am the only Massage Therapist trained in this modality in our area.

This technique is the ancient practice of applying glass cups to the skin. The inside of the cup is heated quickly and then applied to the skin creating a vacuum. As a result, the tissues lying underneath the cup are drawn up by the suction. In my professional and personal experience, this traditional method of cupping massage has the most profound effect on underlying muscle tissue, and is superior to other forms of cupping tools and methods.

My goal is to help relieve tension and adhesions in the fascia and muscular tissue by the inverse process usually provided by massage. Instead of manually pushing the tissue down and stretching it, we pull the tissue up via the cup and stretch it. This gives us a unique approach to treating long standing tension, scar tissue and other issues that limit full function.

Cups can be left stationary and also glide on the skin. My technique is to combine the placement and movement of the cups to help assist in deep muscular release in conjunction with myofascial release and other neuromuscular techniques provided within the same session.

Cupping does leave behind visible marks as a result of drawing blood and lymph fluid to the surface. These marks will vary depending on how taught the tissue underneath it is and how long the cup is left in place. These “cupping kisses” can last anywhere from 48 hours to 10 days.

Please contact me for more information about how cupping can help you regain range of motion and relieve tension!